In Her Latest Mistake As Secretary Of State, Natalie Tennant Puts Business Owner’s Social Security Number Online

Natalie Tennant is at it again, showing West Virginia voters how incompetent she is as Secretary Of State. Over the weekend it came to light that Tennant’s office had posted multiple social security numbers on the Secretary Of State’s website. As reported by WCHS-TV:

“She recently learned her Social Security number was displayed for all to see, thanks to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website. Ashworth found the alleged error while going through the site with a co-worker. ‘I said, ‘Wait a minute. Stop. I need you to go back to the page previous. I thought I saw something that shouldn’t be here,’’ she said. And sure enough, Ashworth’s Social Security number was displayed on the website – and not only hers, but also the Social Security numbers of people associated with the business.”

Tennant has since taken down all the business filings on her website:

 “‘Out of abundance of caution, we have removed all business filings from the website and are going through each ones of those one by one to make sure businesses and their owners are protected,’ Tennant said.”

Taking down all the filings show’s just how little Tennant’s office knows about this situation and how pervasive it is within the system. But to deflect blame, Tennant’s office pinned responsibility on the business owner, saying that she hadn’t used the right form to file her report:

 “West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s office said Friday that individuals’ Social Security numbers found on her office’s website were the result of a business filing that did not use a secretary of state’s office form.”

Posting a Social Security number online, having to take all business filings offline, and then blaming the error on the business owner. Just another day in the West Virginia Secretary Of State’s office.