Kay Hagan’s Pandering On EPA Regulations

Last week, Kay Hagan D-NC addressed the League of Conservation Voters and declared that EPA regulations on greenhouse gases were “key” to protecting the environment.

HAGAN: “I know the EPA’s ability to responsibly regulate greenhouse gas emissions is key to protecting our environment for future generations.”

However, after the event, Hagan confounded her support of EPA regulations by refusing to tell The News And Observer the urgency of climate change or what policies she would support. After being pressed multiple times, Hagan merely responded: “I think we’ve definitely got to be concerned about it, that we need to take action.”

In light of the proposed EPA rules regulating carbon dioxide emissions, Hagan has asked the agency to extend the dialogue period from two to four months. Yesterday, in her statement on the EPA rules, Hagan claimed that she was still reviewing the rules and “will push for a number of changes to the rule that are good for North Carolina.”

Hagan is clearly pandering her position on the issue to both environmental and business groups in an attempt to cloud her stance on energy regulation. Nonetheless, the League of Conservation voters announced that they were planning to spend money to support Hagan because she has previously defended EPA rules.