Jon Ralston Calls Hillary’s $225K Speaking Fee “Obscene, Grotesque, Revolting”

Long-time Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 speaking fee from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV). Calling the fee “obscene, grotesque [and] revolting,” Ralston asks, “does anyone out there think it’s worth paying Clinton almost a quarter-mil to hear her speak?”

Ralston argues that Clinton should donate her speaking fee back to the University’s foundation so the money can actually be used to help students. As The Weekly Standard reports, UNLV students are currently outraged that their University “is raising tuition by a staggering 17 percent.”

Clinton’s decision to keep her $225,000 speaking fee comes as potential 2016 Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren flies around the country talking about student loan debt.