Hickenlooper Lies About Talking Gun Control With Bloomberg

When speaking to Colorado Sheriffs on Friday, Governor John Hickenlooper was asked “why he didn’t listen to the state’s top law enforcement officers” on gun legislation as much as he listened to then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Hickenlooper responded by saying, “Well, let’s, let’s stick to the facts. I never talked to Mayor Bloomberg.”

However, phone records obtained by CompleteColorado.com paint a different story, showing two incoming calls from Bloomberg on Friday, March 2, 2013 and Tuesday, March 19, 2013, both occurring days before controversial gun control legislation would move.

And just yesterday, Hickenlooper’s office acknowleged that “the governor spoke carelessly” when claiming to have not spoken to Bloomberg.

It makes sense why Hickenlooper didn’t want to admit talking to the former New York City mayor. It was Bloomberg who contributed over $1 million to support Colorado’s tax-hiking Amendment 66, which voters “emphatically rejected.” And it was Bloomberg who threw hundreds of thousands at a PAC that unsuccessfully fought against the recall of two Colorado Democrat state senators who voted for controversial gun control legislation.

Perhaps, Hickenlooper should start listening to the citizens of Colorado rather than a citizen of a city that is over 1,700 miles away.