Hard Choices Falls Flat

America Rising wanted to highlight reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices, but there are so many bad reviews we had trouble picking just one! As Politico‘s Lucy McCalmont said, “Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, ‘Hard Choices,’ was met with resounding disappointment from critics, who wrote the book lacked any news or revelatory insight into the former secretary’s life or career, suggesting Clinton is playing it safe ahead of a much-speculated 2016 bid.” Below are just two of the reviews that suggest that Hard Choices should be seen as a campaign rollout, rather than a memoir of what Hillary Clinton accomplished at the State Department
(perhaps the reason it’s not a memoir of accomplishments is because as many have pointed out, she didn’t accomplish anything?)

Writing in Time, Michael Scherer points out:

Without the reality of a coming candidacy, the rest of the book just doesn’t make any sense. This is a campaign book, written by a candidate (via her speechwriters), processed through a political machine, and delivered to the public with the contradictory goals of depicting the author as a decisive leader and not betraying any evidence of leadership that would turn a voter off. . . .

Clinton has made the hard choice to hide any details of the hardest choice to come in a book she calls Hard Choices. It’s exactly what candidates do-when they are preparing campaigns.

In The Washington Post , David Ignatius argues:

“Hard Choices” begins and ends in the empty voice of a campaign speech. . . . This is a careful book, written tactically to burnish friendships and avoid making enemies. Perhaps that’s inevitable for an autobiographer who is considering running for president, but there are times when the reader feels he is being “spun” rather than enlightened.

Be sure to check out Politico for a complete listing of the bad reviews (so far!)