Too Hard of A Choice: The Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Hillary Clinton

The National Journal has reviewed Hillary Clinton’s 650+ page book and one word doesn’t appear: The Keystone Pipeline.

Keystone is nowhere in the detailed index of the book, “Hard Choices,” a memoir of her time as secretary of state, which comes out Tuesday. And the pipeline goes unmentioned in a chapter devoted to climate change and second one on jobs and energy, according to sections obtained by the National Journal.

As the National Journal points out, left-wing groups have been pressuring Clinton to come out against the pipeline which was being reviewed by her department.

This is also bad news for Hillary’s Super PAC – Ready for Hillary who said they were waiting for the book to “lay out a number of issues and where she stands.” They’ll have to keep waiting to know what their position is on the Keystone Pipeline, that’s a Hard Choice Hillary isn’t ready to make (until its more politically expedient).