Grimes “Never Planned” To Fight Reid On Coal


The Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign is caught in another lie this morning.

Last week, campaign spokesman Charly Norton told Politico that Grimes was fundraising with outspoken coal opponent Harry Reid. But not to worry, Norton told Politico, Grimes was “livid” about President Obama’s new EPA rules, and she planned to “use the event to share the stories of how Kentuckians are hurting and demand that the Senate take action to invest in clean coal technology.”

Then Politico blew that story to pieces by uploading audio of the full event. Highlights included Grimes and Reid heaping praise on one another, but not a single mention of coal.

Then today, in a complete reversal, the Frankfort State Journal reported that Norton said, “Grimes never planned to talk about coal in her speech.”

What? How do you go from planning to “use the event to share stories” about the EPA rules hurting Kentucky families to “Grimes never planned to talk about coal”?

The Grimes campaign can keep changing its story, but after refusing to stand up to Harry Reid, it’s clear where Grimes stands.