Flashback: Hillary Clinton Endorsed Climate Change Regulations That Bill Admits Will Kill Jobs

In a blog post titled, “My Thoughts On Today’s EPA Proposal,” Bill Clinton admitted that Obama’s new EPA regulations will kill jobs.

However, it is imperative that the states most reliant on coal to generate electricity and those with people who work in the coal industry be given ample resources to deal with any dislocation that occurs-not just for retraining, but for employment in the new businesses and jobs this rule will generate. They haven’t done anything wrong, and they have a right to be part of a better future.

While Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton hasn’t commented on Obama’s use of executive power, a review of the public record shows that she actually supports tougher regulation.

In 2009, Clinton said that the United States was “ready to embrace” cap-and-trade legislation that would cut carbon emissions 30 percent by 2025. Obama wants to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent five years later, in 2030.

Because Hillary’s end-goal year is five years earlier, states would have to take even more extreme measures to achieve the emissions cap. More jobs would be lost and energy prices would spike even more dramatically.