Elizabeth Warren Brings College Affordability Hypocrisy (And Liberalness) To Grimes Campaign

grimes warren

Today Elizabeth Warren is campaigning in Kentucky for Alison Lundergan Grimes, erasing any doubt that Grimes would be anything but a down the line liberal Democrat were she to be in the United States Senate. The above image – or one like it – is sure to adorn Republican campaign material this Fall.

Trying to avoid Warren’s liberal baggage, the Grimes campaign attempted to make the event about college affordability and managed to step into more liberal Warren hypocrisy.

While Warren was a professor at Harvard, she made over $400k from 2010-2011 at a time when the school was increasing tuition. A recent study by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting covered by The Huffington Post  showed that its high administrative costs that is driving up tuition. Adding on celebrity professors like Warren bringing down hundreds of thousands to only teach a few classes adds to the problem.

Before she entered electoral politics and saw the political convenience of this as an issue, Warren herself recognized this.

Liberals, for their part, regularly call on taxpayers to foot more of the bill. But taxpayers are paying more. … How much more are taxpayers supposed to pay? Are state governments supposed to write a blank check for higher education, allowing universities to increase costs with abandon?

This sort of hypocrisy is nothing new for Alison Grimes, a candidate who won’t even admit she’ll support Harry Reid for Majority Leader while she accepts cash from him in closed door fundraisers.