Crist Complains About Air Conditioning At Ritzy Nantucket Funder

This weekend, Charlie Crist traveled to Nantucket to attend a ritzy Democrat fundraiser. While hobnobbing with the Democrat elite, Politico reports Crist “complained” about the heat at the event (it reached a “balmy” 72 degrees there on Saturday), lamenting the lack of air conditioning:

“A POLITICO reporter was enjoying the complimentary continental breakfast at his hotel when Crist emerged from the private event room and sat down with prospective donors. Crist was dressed in a shirt and tie. He complained about the lack of air conditioning in the event space and noted that he positioned himself downwind of the air vent in the common area outside the event.”

Those who know Crist, know he doesn’t travel anywhere without his trusty fan. Special accommodations for Crist’s fan are made at debates, television appearances, and any event where Crist risks perspiring. It’s unclear where the fan was during the posh Nantucket fundraiser, and there has been no word on the status of Crist and the fan’s relationship after he was caught with another air vent.