Colorado Implementing ObamaCare Tax In Order To Prop Up Law That Mark Udall Supports

Today, The Denver Post reported that Colorado will be implementing an ObamaCare Tax to support the state’s exchange:

“The state health exchange board approved a $66 million budget and a $13 million funding stream Monday to run the nonprofit as the federal grant money runs out.

Connect for Health Colorado board members, in a nearly unanimous vote, approved the 2015 fiscal year budget and $1.25 monthly assessment on all small group, individual and stop loss (policies by self-insured entities to cover catastrophic losses) health insurance policies in the state.”

In addition to about 335,500 Coloradans having their health coverage canceled, now residents of the Centennial State are being forced to pay a tax to fund the disastrous law. Udall has said that voting for ObamaCare was the right thing to do and that he would do it again, but Udall’s vote continues to add insult to injury every time it results in new taxes and regulations on Colorado voters.