Braley’s Lame Excuse For Keystone Flip-Flop Doesn’t Match The Facts

Yesterday, The Des Moines Register asked Bruce Braley why he flip-flopped on the Keystone pipeline back in 2013. Braley told The Register that changing his mind is what Iowans expect.

“In a telephone interview today with The Des Moines Register, Braley said: ‘I think Iowans expect you to keep an open mind and be willing to change your mind if you conclude that that position is no longer in their best interests and that’s what I did on Keystone.’”

Braley has “changed his mind” more than once on Keystone. Before Braley voted for the pipeline project in April 2013, he voted against it in 2011 and 2012.
Braley swiftly followed up his April 2013 vote for Keystone with a vote against the project in May of 2013.

Even worse, Braley’s charge that it’s not what Iowans want is just not true. In May 2014, The Hill reported that the majority of Iowans support the Keystone Pipeline.

“In Iowa 35 percent of voters would by less likely to vote for a Democrat, 38 percent are less likely in Kentucky, 31 percent in Michigan, 37 percent in Montana, and 34 percent in New Hampshire. The poll also found that a majority of voters in all five states support building the pipeline, which would carry crude from Alberta oil sands to Gulf refineries.”

Once again, Braley reveals that it’s not Iowans he’s listening to.