AR TRACKING VIDEO: Grimes Takes Reid’s Cash Without Talking Coal

Last week, Harry Reid held a fundraiser for Alison Lundergan Grimes Senate campaign. Before the funder, Grimes had promised that she would use the event to express how “livid” she was over Obama’s new EPA regulations.

But according to reports based on audio of the fundraiser from Politico and WHAS’s Joe Arnold, Grimes never once uttered the word “coal.”

That didn’t stop the Grimes campaign from continuing to claim she delivered “strong” words to Reid about the EPA regulations. According to Politico, however, that seems very unlikely:

A Washington consultant who attended the event said “there is no way” Grimes could have privately had a discussion with Reid at the event because he arrived late and left before the Kentuckian.

America Rising tracking video verifies Reid entering and exiting the fundraiser alone. HarryReidArrival802AM060514

Harry Reid Enters Grimes Fundraiser Alone:


Harry Reid Exits Grimes Fundraiser Alone:

If Reid entered and exited alone, and Grimes didn’t say coal once during the fundraiser, when exactly did she offer “real stories of Kentuckians struggling to make ends meet” like her campaign claimed?