America Rising’s “Failed Choices”: “A Playbook” For Attacking Clinton’s Record In 2016

In contrast to the panning of Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices that we point to here, America Rising’s e-book on the Clinton State Department, Failed Choices has been highlighted by reviewers as a valuable resource ahead of a 2016 campaign. According to Emma Roller in National Journal, Failed Choices  “serves as a playbook for how conservatives may attack Clinton on her foreign policy record, come 2016.” She goes on: 

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. . . . America Rising PAC puts forth a more refined argument in its book: Clinton put the wheels in motion that eventually led to the embassy attack. “It was this unraveling of the government of Libya and the country’s violent descent into jihadist control that serves as the backdrop for the events leading up to the tragic terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012,” the authors write.

Clinton Inc. . . . But in Failed Choices, the authors go beyond that depiction, calling Hillary Clinton a “salesperson for select U.S. business interests” by using “economic statecraft.” The authors highlight a few shady deals, implying pay-to-play. Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide (and Anthony Weiner’s long-suffering spouse), did not disclose that she worked for the consulting firm Teneo while she was still working for Clinton. The book also notes that Boeing donated $2 million to a Shanghai Expo, possibly violating the State Department’s code of ethics. The defense company also donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2010. Boeing isn’t the only big-name contractor the book goes after; another one is a name you may not have heard in awhile: Blackwater. Despite Clinton’s pledge to ban Blackwater from government contracts when she ran for president in 2008, the State Department continued to employ the company (after it changed its name to Academi).

Dustin Hawkins at also has good things to say about Failed Choices:

For those actually seeking insight into Hillary’s tenure there is an alternative read: Failed Choices, a new e-book created by the brains behind America Rising. And when compared to Hillary’s “contrived” and “newsless” “campaign mumbo-jumbo,” Failed Choices clocks in at 5% the cost, a fraction of the pages, and at least 50 times more informative.

Coming in at 112 pages of solid information, Failed Choices is an important read for conservatives ready to combat Hillary’s inevitable presidential campaign. With no accomplishments to point to as either First Lady or as a US Senator, the Clinton team will try to portray her time as head of the State Department as a success. While many conservatives are familiar with many of her failures, Failed Choices delivers the full picture of Hillary’s failures. The topics contained in this book will be mostly avoided by team Clinton. Why? Because the easiest choice they have is to ignore them.

If you haven’t yet,  head over to to read America Rising’s Failed Choices!