WV Primary Shows Yet Again That Natalie Tennant Is Not Very Good At Her Job

Back when Tennant was running for the office of Secretary of State, she said that she was committed to increasing voter turnout in the state, noting it as one of her goals when she lost the race in 2004, and again in 2008.

Today, WV MetroNews lets us know how she is doing, right in the headline:


But surely that’s better than the last non-Presidential year primary, right? The Associated Press says no:

“West Virginia’s secretary of state says voter turnout for this week’s election was 19.7 percent, a 4-percent drop from a similar 2010 midterm primary.”

If Natalie Tennant can’t even achieve a goal as simple as increasing voter turnout, how can West Virginians expect her to be effective in the U.S. Senate?