Top 4 Moments From The Debate That Won’t Be In Michelle Nunn’s Ads

Here are four moments from the Georgia Senate Democrat debate that Michelle Nunn won’t feature in her TV ads:

1. Supports ObamaCare

NUNN: “Thank you. First of all I want to thank the Atlanta Press Club, Georgia Public Broadcasting, to my fellow candidates, to those that are watching here live today and virtually, thanks for your commitment to citizenship. I have said that I look at ACA from the vantage point of someone who ran an organization, who had to make a payroll, who saw rising healthcare premiums. And I think that we need the two sides to work together to fix what’s not working yet and to build upon the things that are. And when I think about the things that need to be fixed, it includes the fact that when I visit southwest Georgia they have among the highest premiums in the nation, and we need to add a lower tier affordable rate for families and individuals.”

2. “Self-Evident” Democrat

NUNN: “I think it is self-evident-since I am on the stage, here, to win the Democratic nomination for Senate-that I am a Democrat. I have spent my life as a Democrat. It’s a part of my family heritage.”

3. Proud To Have Worked With Obama

TODD ROBINSON: “Well I’m still concerned Ms. Nunn, I spoke of President Obama and you spoke of George Bush. Can you say President Obama in any of your speeches or any of your commercials? Can you call his name?”

MODERATOR: “Well, you had a chance to ask her one question, I’ll let you answer that, moving forward the rebuttal is not to ask another question. Please feel free to answer the question.”

NUNN: “I’m proud to have worked with President Obama and I’ve had a really- the great fortune to have worked with all of our Presidents but I am very grateful for my service with President Obama with Michelle Obama and I am excited to advance the things that I think are for Georgia and would work with President Obama to accomplish that and if we have areas of disagreement then I would work to make improvements as well.”

4. Defers To Obama On VA Scandal

QUESTION: “When you hear about the deaths of these servicemen who were waiting for care under the veterans’ department, is it time though for Eric Shinseki, should he resign? Should we hold him accountable for those deaths of those service personnel?”

NUNN: “I think all of us are outraged at the deaths of our veterans and I think, you know, we owe it to them to make sure that we understand exactly what happened and that we remedy the situation and never let it happen again. We need accountability; we need to make sure there’s a congressional oversight of this issue. I defer to the President’s judgment about the leadership that will be necessary to ensure that accountability and that transparency and that we actually change the system in order to preclude this from ever happening again.”