3 Videos Proving Mark Pryor Can’t Hide His Support For Obama

ICYMI, yesterday, The Washington Post profiled just how much Mark Pryor cares about addressing the issues that matter to Arkansas. Hint: not a whole lot.

Besides talking about how there isn’t a single bill or agenda he wants to pass, Pryor also tried to distance himself from President Obama.

“I’m really the most independent senator in Washington,” Pryor told a group of about 25 supporters here in the rice-country town of Hazen. “I’m not there to represent the president or his party. I’m not there to oppose the president or his party. . . . My job is to represent Arkansas.” (Pryor noted that he has served under President George W. Bush, a Republican, and President Obama.)

That’s nice, but everyone knows how Pryor really felt about President Obama back when he was on the hopey-changey bandwagon. Pryor believed that Obama was “exactly the right guy for this moment in history.”

PRYOR: “All Barack wanted to talk about is his little girls. He is a very rounded person. He is someone you would think what he’s been through in the last four or five years that has a big ego, has a big head, not at all. You know, he’s the kind of guy that is exactly the right guy for this moment in history.”

Transcending mere history, Pryor went on to say: “My sense is, there is a destiny about Barack Obama.”

PRYOR: “Obama’s done several things throughout this campaign that are very unorthodox. And that, by the way, that scares Republicans, but he has done several things that are very unorthodox, and he’s been able to pull it together. My sense is, there is a destiny about Barack Obama. I think there is a destiny about him.”

Last but not least, Pryor fired up a crowd to support Obama, stating, “let’s go and work as hard as we possibly can for Barack Obama” because this election
has consequences.

PRYOR: “If you could tell every person you see to go out and work for and vote for Barack Obama. I said, ‘I’ll do it. I’ll do it.’ And let me tell you why. Because Barack Obama has the leadership. He has the vision. He has the hope that this country needs right now. Amen?” CROWD: “Amen.” PRYOR: ” One of the things I’ve learned since I’ve been in Washington is that elections have consequences: 2000 election, 2004 election. But guess what? This election’s going to have consequences, too. Let’s go out and work as hard as we possibly can for Barack Obama. And let’s bring the change to America that we need.”

Yes, Senator, elections do have consequences. After voting for President Obama’s agenda at least 90 percent of the time, Pryor will see the consequences in
his reelection bid this November.