Senate Majority PAC Can’t Handle The Truth


Senate Majority PAC has a problem. They can’t seem to produce an accurate campaign ad.

This week, two fact checkers have discredited Senate Majority PAC’s most recent attack ad against Thom Tillis as “wrong” and rated it with three Pinocchios.

For Senate Majority PAC, this is just the latest of a long trend of false attack ads.

Previously, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker has found three of Senate Majority PAC’s ads to be false and misleading: two in Louisiana, one described as “very deceptive” and another ad in March going after Bill Cassidy; and one in Arkansas attacking Tom Cotton.

In April, The Fact Checker called out Senate Majority PAC for their blatantly false attack ads as part of “a pretty dreadful track record:”

“This is the third time in a month that the Fact Checker has given Four Pinocchios to an ad sponsored by Senate Majority PAC. That’s a pretty dreadful track record, and does little for the organization’s credibility more than six months before the midterm elections.”

It appears that Senate Majority PAC isn’t concerned about airing factual ads, but what more do you expect from a group dedicated to keeping Harry Reid in