Ready For Hillary Doesn’t Know…Hillary

Yesterday, BuzzFeed wrote an article titled “The Wait For Hillary Clinton’s New Book – And Policy Specifics” that details how many of Hillary’s own supporters aren’t quite sure where she stands on the issues. The most glaring one is Ready for Hillary – the very group that Hillary loyalists rush to donate to and support.

“Her book is going to come out, and that’s going to lay out a number of issues and where she stands,” said Seth Bringman, Ready for Hillary’s communications director. The group has discussed the possibility of hosting Hard Choices book parties, to follow the “Day of Action” meetings held earlier this month. “As she gets out there more, when the book comes out and as she campaigns for 2014 candidates, we’re going to continue to amplify her message,” he said.

Hey, Ready for Hillary: before you choose to support a candidate for an election, you should probably know where they stand on the issues… Just a suggestion.