North Carolina Democrats Don’t Like Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan i dont like you

Kay Hagan has a big problem: she can’t rally Democrat support around her reelection.

Last night, over 100,000 North Carolina Democrat primary voters chose to vote for one of Hagan’s anonymous challengers rather than stomach supporting her reelection to the Senate.

However, this isn’t exactly surprising. The New York Times‘s Nate Cohn analyzed that Hagan is the Democrats’ worst turnout problem and “is far more vulnerable than she appears at first glance.”

This lack of enthusiasm is most evident on the ground in North Carolina. Last month, BuzzFeed reported that progressive voters are “not happy” about supporting Hagan’s reelection.

These liberal voters may only eventually support Hagan “not because she’s especially inspiring,” but in order to help Harry Reid keep control of the

“People like Clay and Bradley – motivated, active Democratic voters – will be essential to Hagan this fall if she is going to hold onto her Senate seat. They believe most will eventually come around to support the moderate Hagan, not because she’s especially inspiring, but because Democratic-controlled Senate could hang on the outcome of Hagan’s race.”

Kay Hagan’s primary election results are crystal clear. Regardless of party, North Carolina voters are not going to be enthused about supporting a candidate who repeatedly lies to sell Obama’s failed policies.