Natalie Tennant Won’t Say If She Would Have Voted For ObamaCare

Today, Natalie Tennant (D-WV) went on MSNBC’s “Up With Steve Kornacki” to talk about her Senate race and where she stands on liberal issues.

When Kornacki asked Tennant if she would have voted for ObamaCare, Tennant dodged the question claiming she wasn’t in the Senate at the time.

KORNACKI: I said there were two issues she singled out. The second one was rolling back the devastating effects of ObamaCare. This is something we’re hearing from Republican candidates all across the country. They want to run in 2014 the way they did in 2010 against ObamaCare. First of all, if you had been in the senate in 2010, would you have voted for affordable care act, would you have voted for ObamaCare?

TENNANT: The fact is I didn’t vote for it. I didn’t have the opportunity to debate it. Had I, I would have stood up for West Virginia and said we need more than one provider. We need choice. We need competition because our rates are higher.

It’s telling that Tennant acknowledges that West Virginians’ health insurance rates are higher under ObamaCare, but she won’t say if she would have voted for the law or not.

Come November, voters will remember that a vote for Natalie Tennant is a vote for President Obama’s failed liberal policies.