Natalie Tennant Still Having Trouble With Her Day Job

The hits just keep coming for Natalie Tennant.

There is yet another example of Natalie Tennant not being a competent Secretary of State in West Virginia. On Sunday, The Exponent Telegram reported that Tennant’s office was late to send out mailing labels to the county clerks so that they could send change-of-address forms to voters in the state:

“Area election officials say the Secretary of State’s Office dropped the ball in providing them with change-of-address materials to send to voters who may need to update their registration.”

The labels are supposed to be sent out by the end of December. Some county clerks say they still have not received them.

Remarkably, this isn’t even the first time that Tennant has been late sending the labels out:

“The Secretary of State’s Office was late getting materials to clerks two years ago and very late this year, Harrison County Clerk Susan Thomas said.”

If Tennant can’t even keep up with her current job, how does she expect the voters of West Virginia to give her a promotion? I mean, how hard is it to mail a letter, right?