Mark Pryor’s 3 Bizarre Lessons For College Students

Newly uncovered audio depicts Mark Pryor lecturing college students at Ouachita Baptist University with some pretty bizarre political spin.

First, Pryor told the students that the only reason why he got into politics was because “basically I just kind of grew up around it.”

Min 5:30 PRYOR: “So anyway, how I got involved into politics is basically I just kind of grew up around it. I just, you know, something that I’ve known.”

Real powerful stuff.

Then, Pryor claimed that the Harry Reid-led Senate is the most transparent body in the U.S. government; whereas, the House “is on its way to dictatorship.”

Min 10:30 PRYOR: “You know, I see the Senate, I think the Senate plays a very unique role in our system of government. And we can, again, talk a lot about that. But you if you think about it, it’s really the one place in our national government where the people, you all, can see law being made. So the other house, the House rules are such that basically the Speaker runs the House. I hate to say it, but the House is on its way to dictatorship. It’s like an autocracy.”

Finally, Pryor instructed the students that the CQ vote study of him voting with President Obama 95 percent of the time was “not true” and misconstrued by Republicans.

Min 20:55 PRYOR: “If you look at all what they have done, they have tried to make it about President Obama and ObamaCare and whatever. And, that only tells, you know, a little part of the story. Of course, what they do, of course, is they manipulate all of those numbers. Like I’ve voted with the president 95 percent of the time, which is not true. But anyway, they manipulate those numbers and come up with these numbers that don’t hold water when you get down to it. But if they say it enough, people believe it.”

Mark Pryor might want to brush up on his talking points if he wants to convince Arkansas voters that he should be reelected after voting for Obama’s liberal agenda for years.