Louisianans Are Ready To “Unelect” Mary Landrieu

Last year, Mary Landrieu said that if her constituents did not like ObamaCare they could “unelect” her. Well, Southern Media and Opinion Research released a poll that showed that could be the direction Louisiana voters are heading.

WWL reported:

“The poll finds Landrieu’s support of the Affordable Care Act – ‘Obamacare’ – is a problem for her reelection campaign. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they were against the ACA.”

That’s not good news for Landrieu, who has said she is “standing in this election as a supporter of the Affordable Care Act.”

Louisianans’ opposition to the troubled health care law, and her unapologetic support for it, is the classic “unstoppable force vs. immovable object.” And it may help explain why the poll had a lot of other bad numbers for Landrieu.

Her approval rating has hit an all-time low, with 58 percent rating her performance as “not so good” or “poor” and only 39 percent giving her a positive rating. The poll also showed her lowest level of support yet among Louisiana voters in the Senate race, coming in with just 36 percent support compared to 35 percent for Bill Cassidy – that’s a drop of five points for Landrieu from a survey conducted late last year.

It appears that maybe Landrieu’s constituents are getting ready to take her up on that offer to “unelect” her.