Local Paper Calls Dan Maffei “M.I.A.”

“The behavior of Rep. Dan Maffei is not acceptable.”

That’s the way a local Syracuse newspaper began its editorial today, lambasting Maffei for ignoring his constituents and for being “missing in action on the campaign trail.”

Not exactly the kind of press Maffei, a Columbia University journalism graduate, is looking for. The Syracuse New Times blasted Maffei for dodging a candidate forum because he thinks it’s politically expedient. They go on to say:

Maybe that goal – to stay in office – is shaping his approach.

But that isn’t our goal. And if Maffei chooses that path, the New Times will spend most of the autumn telling its readers why Maffei no longer deserves to be a member of Congress.

Maffei and his campaign limit his access and interactions with Katko and the voters. That’s wrong, and we won’t sit quietly by if he chooses to play this game.

If the congressman wants to continue to represent us, he needs to step up. If he’s not up to it, the voters should know that.

Yikes. Better hide again.