Jack Hatch Gets A Speeding Ticket: $114.00; Irony: Priceless

When Democrat State Senator Jack Hatch entered the Iowa governor race, his campaign released an absurd attack ad showing just how weak his campaign against Governor Terry Branstad was. The ad criticized Branstad for… speeding.

And guess what happened on Monday? Irony struck, as “Lead Foot” Hatch was clocked driving 68 MPH in a 55 MPH zone! Hatch was speeding through an area where road crews were present, to boot.

Had the state trooper fined Hatch for driving 13 MPH over in a work zone, the fine would have been $465, but the state trooper decided to not include work zone penalties. Instead, Hatch received a $114 fine. Perhaps the officer thought Hatch choking on the irony of his attack ad was punishment enough?