More Hillary Hypocrisy, This Time It’s Iran

In a new piece titled “Hillary Clinton Celebrates The Iran Sanctions That Her State Department Tried To Stop,” Josh Rogin corrects the record on a narrative Clinton is trying to spin ahead of a possible Presidential campaign. This time, Rogin notes the hypocrisy in Clinton’s recent speech on Iranian sanctions before the American Jewish Congress (AJC).

Here are America Rising’s top three takeaways:

1. During her tenure as Secretary, Clinton’s State Department “repeatedly opposed or tried to water down an array of sanctions measures that were pushed into law by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.”

2. Bills opposed by the State Department were still passed by large majorities in the House and Senate.

3. Congress is responsible for imposing the toughest sanctions Iran has ever faced, not the administration. As summed up by Mark Dubowitz, an Iran sanctions expert and executive director of the Foundations for the Defense of Democracies; “The reality is that there is no doubt that the toughest sanctions were imposed by Congress over the objections of the administration.”

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