Get Your Joe Garcia Super PAC B-Roll Footage Here

Earlier today/Yesterday, The Miami Herald reported that a Democrat Super PAC had to change it’s pro-Joe Garcia ad after they used some B-Roll footage from Joe Garcia’s campaign website:

“The background footage used in an ad by an outside group was shot several years ago,” Garcia’s campaign said in a statement. “Representative Garcia continues to remain committed to serving the people of the district. This week is small business week; Representative Garcia released bipartisan legislation to grow small businesses in South Florida and is meeting with business owners in the district.”

The footage had been available, until recently, on Garcia’s own campaign website, which is how many outside groups that can’t legally coordinate with campaigns get their B-roll for ads.

Candace Bryan Abbey, a spokeswoman for Patriot Majority, has changed the Garcia ad, which begins airing on television Wednesday.

Why did they need to take it down? Well:

But the ad for Garcia has gotten noticed not because of its message — but because it features a shot of Garcia with Steve Bateman, the former Homestead mayor facing criminal charges. Bateman has pleaded not guilty.

After the issue with the ad was highlighted, Garcia’s campaign removed the B-Roll footage from their website. How horrible for all of those pro-Garcia Super PACs. Well, good news! We downloaded it for you. Without further ado, here is the footage (Jump to minute 0:43 to enjoy a full minute and 11 seconds of Garcia with his criminal ally):