Gary Peters Supports Tom Steyer’s Extreme Agenda

Today during a radio interview, Gary Peters said that he supports cap-and-trade and that Congress should take another look at a cap-and-trade program:

HOST: “In 2009, you voted for the cap-and-trade law – or the bill that didn’t make it out of the Congress. Is that something that you think that should be revisited, this kind of carbon tax policy?”

PETERS: “Well that was a cap-and-trade program, as you know, that’s a market-based solution. It’s a market-based solution that prices carbon, but uses the market in order to price it.  It’s very similar to what we did with acid rain, as you are very well aware, acid rain was a significant problem, particularly in the northeast part of our country were forests were dying as a result of that, and so a cap-and-trade program was put in place to reduce emissions that were damaging the environment. The same kind of cap-and-trade, market-based solution, It’s certainly something to take a look at.”

Peters has also voted for cap-and-trade in the past. In 2009, Peters voted for the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill and in 2013, voted against a bill that would have prohibited Obama from enacting a carbon tax without the approval of Congress.

Also during the radio interview, Peters was asked about the fundraiser at the home of billionaire Tom Steyer that he attended. Peters tried to act like the fundraiser was not a big deal and that he was only one of a 100 people there:

HOST: “We got a story in today’s Detroit News about billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is ramping up his support for your campaign – to try to get a Democrat to retain this seat in Michigan. And he’s going to put another 50 million dollars of his own money in a race. 50 million dollars. And he already – you’ve already been out to his house in California for a fundraiser?”

 PETERS: “Well I was out there for an event for the Democratic campaign committee basically, for the Senate campaign committee. So, I was there with a group of about a hundred people at an event, there were eight other Senators there.”

So, Peters is trying to distance himself from billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, but supports his extreme environmental agenda. Peters may be trying to hide his connection to Steyer from Michigan voters, but that will be hard while Steyer is pumping millions into Michigan to help him.