Four Times Michelle Nunn Dodges Better Than A Washington Politician On ObamaCare

Michelle Nunn’s Senate campaign has a messaging problem. In four different interviews, Nunn and her campaign refused to say how she would have voted on ObamaCare if she were in Congress when the law passed.

First, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” aired an interview where Nunn point blank refused to say if she would have voted for ObamaCare, noting, “it’s impossible to look back retrospectively.”

NBC’S KASIE HUNT: “Would you have voted for the Affordable Care Act?”

MICHELLE NUNN: “At the time the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, I was working for Points of Light. I wished that we had more people who had tried to architect a bipartisan legislation.”

HUNT: “So yes or no?”

NUNN: “So I think it’s impossible to look back retrospectively and say what would you have done if you were there?”

If you think that answer was bad, you’re not alone. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said that it was a “terrible answer” and “nothing screamed practiced politician like that answer.”

Nunn’s campaign attempted to clarify her “terrible answer” to The Associated Pressbut her spokesman still refused to say how Nunn would have voted on ObamaCare.

“In GOP-leaning Georgia, Nunn’s smooth glide to the Democratic nomination bumped up against her awkward refusal in a weekend interview to say whether she would have voted for the Affordable Care Act. Asked for clarification Monday, an aide issued a statement that reiterated Nunn’s opposition to repealing the law and her belief that the law ‘isn’t doing enough to lower costs for Georgia families and businesses.’ In the statement, spokesman Nathan Click did not answer how Nunn would have voted on the law had she been in Congress when it passed in 2010.”

Later, Politico revealed that, in their interview, Nunn “refused to say whether she would have voted for Obamacare, would back Harry Reid as majority leader or even whether she thinks President Barack Obama is doing a good job.”

“In an interview here in Atlanta, she refused to say whether she would have voted for Obamacare, would back Harry Reid as majority leader or even whether she thinks President Barack Obama is doing a good job. ‘I’m not going to get into his job performance,’ Nunn said. ‘My name is on the ballot; the president is not on the ballot this time.’”

Finally, in an interview with RealClearPolitics, Nunn, for the fourth time, dodged whether she would have voted for ObamaCare.

“When asked about whether she would have voted for the health care law if she had been in Congress when it passed, Nunn noted that she was working at the time as the CEO of Points of Light Institute, a nonprofit volunteer organization inspired by the former Republican president’s inaugural address. In an interview with RealClearPolitics during a campaign stop at Francar’s Buffalo Wings, Nunn said, ‘Looking back, I think we can all say we wished there had been more bipartisan support and engagement.’”

Michelle Nunn tries to present herself as an outsider, but these four interviews make it clear that she is nothing more than a “practiced politician” trying to hide her liberal stances from Georgia’s voters.