D.C. Politician John Walsh Is Running From ObamaCare

It’s well-established that John Walsh supports ObamaCare and has even called it a “good move.” But the consultant-driven Walsh does not want voters to focus on his support for the unpopular law…That’s why he was desperately trying to point out at the Montana Senate Democrat primary debate over the weekend that he did not vote for ObamaCare in 2009 because he was not in the Senate.

John Walsh Tries To Run Away From His ObamaCare Support

That wasn’t the first time Walsh has tried to distance himself from the troubled law, and his fellow Montana Democrats are starting to take notice. One of Walsh’s primary opponents, Dirk Adams, suggested at the debate that Walsh is listening to his consultants a bit too much when it comes to the health care law.

Earlier this year, Walsh said that “he’s not going to get sucked into Washington, D.C.” and that he won’t be a stereotypical politician. But when it comes to ObamaCare, it appears that those lofty pronouncements have all been thrown out the window.