Clinton’s Real Record On Israel

Today, Hillary heaped praised on Israel and took a victory lap for her record on Israel in a speech at the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum. But Hillary’s record at the State Department tells a different story.

Here are a few reasons why she might not have been as effective as she leads on:

1. As Secretary, Clinton only visited Israel five times, far fewer than her predecessor, and “spent little time” on peace negotiations.
2. Secretary Clinton and the State Department ignored Iran’s verbal attacks on Israel at the Human Rights Council to pursue negotiations with Iran.
3. Clinton harshly criticized the Israeli government over settlement construction in Israel repeatedly during her tenure.
4. Even at the yearly AIPAC conference in Washington, DC, Secretary Clinton took the opportunity to criticize settlement construction saying it “undermines” US-Israel relations.

Additionally, what Clinton took credit for today, negotiation of the 2012 cease-fire between Israel and Gaza, she previously  credited to then Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi.