Trial Lawyers Try To Bail Braley Out Of Trial Lawyer Gaffe

Trial lawyer cronies seem to be behind the ad that came to Bruce Braley’s rescue early this month after video of Braley insulting Chuck Grassley and Iowa farmers surfaced on March 25.

On April 4, the Harry Reid- affiliated Senate Majority PAC made a $210,000 media buy for an ad defending Braley’s “credibility” as a farmer.That’s where the trial lawyers come in.

Recent FEC numbers show that the trial lawyers’ American Association For Justice PAC (of which Braley was the Iowa chapter’s president) gave $200,000 to Senate Majority PAC in the first quarter of 2014.

Half of AAJ’s total contribution to Senate Majority PAC for the quarter came on March 27, just two days after the video surfaced which Slate ‘s John Dickerson dubbed “The Gaffe Of The Year.”

The Braley campaign says there was no illegal coordination between the campaign and super PACs, even though the timing seems awfully suspicious.