Trial Lawyer: It’s Nothing For Braley To Brag About

From the comment itself to the fumbled apology, Braley’s farmer gaffe is nothing short of a “rookie mistake” according to Radio Iowa’s Kay Henderson in an interview over the weekend on Iowa Press.

Summing up Braley’s clumsy apology, Henderson said:

“And the other thing was Braley didn’t make himself available in Chris Christie fashion, making himself available for an hour-long news conference and answer every question about it. He waited nine days before he talked to anyone about this on the record. And after nine days he still didn’t have a good explanation.”

It’s true. His explanation included an awkward comparison of lunching with his legal clients to a long day’s work on the farm.

Or As Henderson put it:

I don’t know what adviser is telling him he should be bragging about being a trial lawyer, but it is one of his negatives, not one of his positives.”