Tracked: Grimes Hides Behind Staff Member At Democracy Alliance Meeting

Alison Lundergan Grimes did her best to avoid the media in Chicago this week as she attended the Democracy Alliance meeting—a closed-door gathering that features bigwig liberal donors like Tom Steyer and Jonathan Soros. However, she couldn’t avoid the cameras altogether.

Politico describes the group as “a secretive club of wealthy liberals.” Grimes, eager to fit in with her liberal friends, fully embraced the “secretive” aspect of the meeting. When Grimes was asked about the hypocrisy of attacking the Koch brothers while simultaneously collecting cash from billionaires like Steyers, she replied: ‘I sure appreciate your time. You have to go through our communications department,’ then stepped into an elevator and stood behind an aide.

We managed to find her though. Maybe Grimes should take a page from the Buster Bluth playbook?