Top 5 Things To Know About Mark Udall (D-CO)


Mark Udall is running for re-election as a U.S. Senator from Colorado.

1. Coloradans Can’t Trust Mark Udall

Udall lied to Coloradans about supporting government-run health care and that they could keep their insurance under ObamaCare. When he was running for Senate in 2008, Udall told Coloradans he was not in favor of a government-sponsored solution for health care, but when he got to the Senate Udall advocated for Obama’s plan to include government-run health care.

Udall then promised Coloradans if someone had a doctor or insurance plan they liked that they could keep it under ObamaCare. This promise was PolitiFact’s 2013 Lie Of The Year and The Washington Post gave the promise Four Pinocchios. Udall’s lie has come to fruition in Colorado as hundreds of thousands of people have received cancellation notices as a result of the law. That hasn’t fazed Udall though. He said that he did the “right thing” by voting for ObamaCare, called it a “success,”  and when he was asked if he would vote for it again he replied ” I would do it again, yes, I would.”

Once Coloradans’ plans were cancelled, his office pressured a state agency to change the official numbers of Obamacare cancellations.

2. Udall Said He Didn’t Believe That ISIS Is A Threat To The Homeland

After two Americans were beheaded by the terror group ISIS, Udall said he did not believe that ISIS was a threat to the U.S. homeland.

Udall said he does not want to put boots on the ground to deal with ISIS and said that the group will pay the price “eventually” for what they have done. Udall said the beheaded journalists would want a cautious approach to ISIS.. He also flip-flopped on ISIS when public opinion changed.

3. Udall Says He Supports Natural Gas Development, But His Record Tells A Different Story

Now that Udall is facing a tough re-election, he is saying that he has always been an all-of-the-above guy on energy, but his record on natural gas reflects more of a none-of-the-above approach.

Earlier this year, Udall voted to endorse the nomination of Rhea Suh to be Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks at the Interior Department. Suh is anti-natural gas and spent more than a decade working for organizations opposed to fossil fuels. Udall says he ” takes her at her word” though when she says she supports natural gas today. But as Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Suh will have control over endangered-species listings, which means she could block large amounts of private land in Colorado from the same oil and natural gas development that Udall is supposedly in favor of.

Udall has a long record against natural gas development. He voted against approving the construction and operation of facilities that import and process natural gas, including liquefied natural gas. He has voted against oil and natural gasexploration in ANWR at least four times since he has been in Congress. He has voted against issuing new leases for natural gas development along the U.S. coast. Udall has also consistently voted againstlifting the moratorium on natural gas production along the Outer Continental Shelf and he has voted to bar the use of funds for activities related to new natural gas leasing there.

4. Udall Likes To Say He Is An Independent Thinker, But He Has Voted With Obama 96 Percent Of The Time

Udall claims to be an independent thinker who stands against his party at times, and likes to talk about the need for bipartisanship. But Udall has voted with Obama 96 percent of the time during Obama’s presidency. And in 2013, Udall voted with Obama 99 percent of the time. He even said he’d blindly support anyone Obama nominates for Attorney General.


Now that he’s running for re-election though, Udall is scared and doesn’t want to be seen with Obama. His efforts to distance himself aren’t going unnoticed either, with members of the national media laughing at his attempts. Udall has even gone so far as to say that the last person the White House wants to see coming up the lawn is him – a claim so ridiculous that it provoked laughs at his first debate. Michelle Obama even credited him with enabling Obama’s agenda.


5. Udall Wants To Move Gitmo To The U.S.

Udall said he wants to move the Guantanamo Bay prison to the United States, likely due in part to his strong allegiance to Obama.

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