It Took Grimes 7 Months To Tell KY Voters Her Keystone Position

money counting

Yesterday, Alison Lundergan Grimes finally took a position on the Keystone pipeline and called on Obama to approve the project. Until now, Grimes had refused to take a position on the oil pipeline, prompting MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to say she was “twisting in the wind.”

In announcing her support for Keystone, Grimes said putting Americans to work in good-paying jobs was a “top priority” of hers.

“The administration should rule now and approve the project. Putting Americans back to work in good-paying jobs that strengthen the middle class is my top priority and it should be the federal government’s as well.”

It appears that this “priority” has only been put at the top of her list recently though. In October 2013, Grimes was busy raising money in San Francisco from a group of wealthy climate change activists who oppose Keystone. For the last seven months, Grimes has been careful not to take a position on Keystone because she has been busy courting wealthy liberal climate change activists. She needs their money.

Grimes decision to support Keystone appears to be more about politics, just like her previous silence, than “putting Americans back to work.”