Tennant Still Hoping That Voters Forget She Defended Obama’s Coal Policies

The Associated Press story about Natalie Tennant’s position on energy omitted some key facts about her record.

Apparently, Tennant is still hoping that West Virginia voters don’t remember the fact that she defended Obama’s energy policies, specifically against coal. Tennant was one of the West Virginia Democrats who liked Obama enough to show up to the DNC in 2012. Greenwire reported:

“Although many of the state’s top officials stayed away from this week’s convention, West Virginia delegates in attendance proclaimed themselves proud Democrats and defended President Obama’s stand on coal issues.”

Greenwire also quoted Tennant saying this in reference to Obama’s energy policies:

“‘I don’t see it as getting rid of coal; it’s just in addition to renewable energy,’ she said. ‘Coal is our source of electricity, but we cannot always depend on one thing, and natural gas is coming along, which is a great resource, wind, solar. We just have to extract these resources in a responsible manner.’”

That doesn’t sound like someone who is ready to stand up for coal against Obama. It sounds like someone who decided to run for the U.S. Senate and realized she couldn’t have the voters know how she really felt.