State Dept. Continues Playing Politics To Protect Clinton, Avoid Coming Clean On Benghazi

State Dept Benghazi Email

After yesterday’s bombshell report on a new White House email that was disclosed by Judicial Watch, showing senior White House aides directing Susan Rice to push a false narrative about the Benghazi terrorist attack on Sunday talk shows, The Daily Beast is reporting that the State Department withheld the email from Congress. Despite a legitimate Congressional subpoena, the State Department withheld the email from the House Oversight Committee until the same day that it was forced to hand over a copy to Judicial Watch, following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit.

The Daily Beast has learned that these latest emails were only provided to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform two weeks ago, despite requests from the committee for such material that date back to August 2013. The committee received them on April 17, the same day they were received by Judicial Watch. …

Of the congressional committees investigating Benghazi, the House Oversight Committee has received the least amount of cooperation from the Obama administration.