Senate Majority PAC’s Arkansas Attack Ad Is “As Phony As A Three-Dollar Bill.”

Today, Glenn Kessler The Washington Post’s Fact Checker, gave Senate Majority PAC “Four Pinocchios” for an attack ad against Tom Cotton (R-AR) that’s “as phony as a three-dollar bill.”

Kessler wrote that every single claim in Senate Majority PAC’s ad was false.

None of the allegations made about Cotton or his policies are factually correct. In straining to somehow tie Cotton to insurance companies, Senate Majority PAC has managed to turn a job that Democrats might celebrate (developing a better functioning government program!) into a negative. The Medicare claims are so stale-and so repeatedly discredited-we can assume that polling indicates that the language is effective in moving voters, despite its falsity.

Obviously it’s panic time for Democrats in Arkansas, but voters deserve ads based on facts, not scare tactics.