Rick Weiland Says SCOTUS Ruling On McCutcheon Is “Worst Decision” Since Dred Scott

Today, Rick Weiland made the jaw-dropping claim that the ruling made by the Supreme Court in McCutcheon v. FEC, that got rid of aggregate contribution limits, was the worst ruling made by the Supreme Court since Dred Scott:

“Today’s decision of the United States Supreme Court to strike down any real limit on the purchase of our democracy by big money may be the worst decision made by any Supreme Court since the Dred Scott case reaffirmed slavery in 1857.”

As Roll Call points out, Weiland apparently thinks that getting rid of aggregate contribution limits is worse than Plessy v. Ferguson which allowed “separate but equal”:

“The case in reference, 1857′s Dred Scott v. Sandford ruled that blacks could not become citizens of the United States and opened the door for slavery in the nation’s territories. It is widely cited as one of the high court’s worst moments in American history.

But since then, the Supreme Court handed down a slew of other controversial decisions. Most notably, the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling, which set the standard for ‘separate but equal’ and essentially sanctioned segregation for the next 60 years.”