Proof That Gary Peters Has Been Reading Obamacare Polls

In the past, Gary Peters has been very open about how awesome he thinks ObamaCare is.

The more he read it, the more he liked it!

But all of the sudden yesterday Peters sounded a little different. It seems he’s read Obamacare (polls) a little more and now it needs to be “refined

“Land and Republicans have been critical of Peters for his vote for the Affordable Care Act in 2010. On the law, Peters said it’s encouraging to see 8 million people sign up for health care plans under the exchange. He said he is working on ways to make the the system more affordable for small business owners. ‘The law is not perfect,’ Peters said. ‘I’ve never voted on a perfect law, never will vote on a perfect law, and so you have to go back and constantly refine it.’”

Paging Celinda Lake!