Poll: Braley Tanking After Attack on Iowa Farmers

A new poll from the Washington Free Beacon shows Bruce Braley taking on water following his broadside against popular Senator Chuck Grassley and Iowa farmers that was caught on tape by America Rising.

Among the polls highlights:

  • Braley’s favorability is just barely above water with 38% of voters having a favorable impression to 37% having an unfavorable one. Meanwhile 64% of voters had a favorable impression of Grassley to only 31% unfavorable.
  • In a ballot test, Braley trails a generic Republican opponent 48%-37%
  • 80% of likely voters were familiar with Braley’s anti-farmer comments, 50% said they made it less likely they’d vote for him, 21% more likely
  • After hearing the comments, 68% disagreed with them to only 18% that agreed

Liberal trial lawyers everywhere are lamenting the results. Full poll results here.