PolitiFact Says Senate Majority PAC’s Louisiana Ad Is “Mostly False”


Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic super PAC founded by former aides to Harry Reid, has a credibility problem. Yesterday, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker called out the Senate Majority PAC for numerous problems with the truth in its ads. Well, PolitiFact is piling on too. The fact-checking organization is calling Senate Majority PAC’s most recent ad in Louisiana attacking Rep. Bill Cassidy “mostly false.”

PolitiFact wrote:

“The Senate Majority PAC ad said the Koch brothers ‘funded the fight to let flood insurance premiums soar … Now they’re spending millions to buy a Senate seat for Bill Cassidy so he can fight for them.’ …

…The statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. We rate it Mostly False.”