Sean Eldridge “Literally” Locks Out Reporter to Hide from Questions

Sean Eldridge doesn’t want to talk to reporters about himself, his campaign, or pretty much anything. Politico’s Alex Isenstadt evidently tried to interview Eldridge about his campaign and his business, but Eldridge’s campaign wouldn’t make the candidate available. This led POLITICO’s executive editor to question whether the 27 year old who is running using his husband’s Facebook fortune is actually “ready for prime time.”

Rick Berke: “So how hard did you really try to talk to Sean Eldridge?”

Isenstadt: “I tried pretty hard and it was sort of like running into a wall. You know, when I was here in the newsroom, I placed phone calls, I sent emails, I called different members of his team. Each time, I was told, ‘No, no, no, no.’ I go to upstate New York. I go to his business office, the door is locked. I go to his campaign headquarters, the door is locked. So they put up the wall pretty good on this one.”

Berke: “You were literally locked out?”

Isenstadt: “I was literally locked out. That is true.”