How Nick Rahall Voted For A Carbon Tax

In a campaign debate yesterday, Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) claimed yet again that he didn’t vote for a carbon tax:

“It was then that Jenkins fired the first shot of the debate, saying Rahall voted for a ‘carbon tax’ on emissions that will end up hurting the U.S. economy, particularly in West Virginia.

“Rahall fired back that he never voted for such a thing, and that the concept of a carbon tax can’t be found in the administration’s budget.”

Let’s show Rahall how he voted for a carbon tax. In 2013, Rahall voted for the Progressive Caucus Budget.

The Washington Post said the Progressive Caucus Budget included a carbon tax, but let’s go straight to the source instead. The website for the 2013 Progressive Caucus Budget includes a link to an executive summary of their budget.


Page 8 of the executive summary states that the Progressive Caucus Budget includes a $25 per ton tax on carbon dioxide in order to “impose a price on carbon pollution.”

“Impose a Price on Carbon Pollution – We can no longer afford to ignore our responsibility to future generations to address climate change before it is irreversible. The Back to Work Budget would impose on polluters a $25 per ton price on carbon dioxide (increasing at 5.6% a year), rebating 25% of all revenues as refundable credits to protect low income families.”


Wait, what was that again? A $25 per ton price on carbon dioxide?


What? A price on carbon dioxide?


Sounds like a carbon tax to us. Enough said.