New Campaign Finance Website Continues The Pattern Of Incompetence By Natalie Tennant

The other day Pew released their election performance rankings, and they were not good for West Virginia or Natalie Tennant. Today, there is a story from the Charleston Gazette about the new campaign finance website that has been introduced by the Secretary Of State’s office. Things aren’t going very smoothly:

“[T]he new campaign finance reporting system at the secretary of state’s office has had candidates, political consultants, and fellow reporters in a tizzy all week.

The upgrade by SOE Software Corp. of Tampa, Fla., is supposed to make it easy for candidates to file their campaign finance reports online (the first 2014 pre-primary report was due April 4), and it features all kinds of jazzy graphics and bar graphs intended to make searches easier and more user-friendly.

Problem is, it seems to be full of glitches. As of Friday afternoon, nearly a week past the reporting deadlines, dozens of candidate reports remain unposted, and many that are posted seem to have incorrect data.”

The pattern of incompetency continues.