NBC’s Today Show On Landrieu’s Acting In Her Newest Ad: “That’s Pretty Embarrassing”

Mary Landrieu’s newest ad is catching a lot of press, both locally and nationally, for all of the wrong reasons. In fact, NBC’s Today Show called Landrieu’s ad “pretty embarrassing.”

The ad, titled “Will Not Rest,” features scenes of Landrieu in what appears to be a Senate hearing. But the scenes are fake. They are re-enactments from a committee hearing from July 2013 that were scrubbed and polished up by Landrieu’s campaign. Landrieu went to a lot of trouble to make it look real, her ad makes it look like her fake hearing is being covered by a news station – but that’s fake too.

In the ad, Landrieu is talking to an empty chair. That seems appropriate since the ad is trying to highlight how Landrieu is standing up to the Obama administration, the same administration that she has voted with 97 percent of the time since Obama has been in office. That is “pretty embarrassing,” Mary.