Michelle Nunn Has Missed Every Single Primary Debate

Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Michelle Nunn has missed every single Democrat primary debate this year. Thus far, Nunn has missed more than a half-dozen debates, but Harry Reid thinks she’s “running extremely well.”

Nonetheless, Sam Nunn advised Michelle that it would be a “mistake” to take her primary for granted, because “you respect all the people in the primary.”

“I think she should assume that she does have a credible set of opponents. I do not know them well, but I think it would be a mistake not to take every opponent seriously and not to listen to what the opponents are saying and learn from them.

“It doesn’t mean you change your mind, but it means you respect all the people in the primary. You listen to them, you get to know them, and before the process is over you hope to unify the Democratic base and appeal to an awful lot of independents and Republicans. So I would counsel very much against taking the primary for granted in any way.”

Nunn is scheduled to appear at one debate in May, but judging on how she handles simple questions, she could probably use all the practice she can get.