10 Important People Who Can’t Name A Hillary Clinton Accomplishment


You think Hillary has an “accomplishment problem” ahead of her book release? Look at the 10 people who can’t name a noteworthy accomplishment:

1. Andrew Sullivan notes how Hillary’s own supporters struggle to name an accomplishment from her time as Secretary of State

2. Lanny Davis – Hillary’s achievement was being “the most popular woman in the world”

3. Susan Glasser in Politico describes how not even a Clinton “ardent defender” can name a “signal accomplishment at the State Department to her name”

4. Huffington Post’s Sam Stein noted how Clinton supporters have told him “nothing shines brightly” in Clinton’s State Department record

5. James Rosen in the Washingtonian – Clinton’s “legacy is thin”

6. Politico‘s Maggie Haberman on the Hugh Hewitt show – Clinton was not “a key factor” in “the issues that are the hottest right now, globally”

7. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd – is “there a one big crowning achievement where you see her right there and then in a crisis moment as Secretary of State, especially compared to, for instance, John Kerry”

8. Current State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki

9. Former State Department official David Gordon -“great weakness was avoiding serious diplomacy”

And finally…the candidate herself

10. Hillary herself, who, at the Women of the World 2014 Summit in New York City on April 3, 2014, struggled to list concrete accomplishments during her tenure as Secretary of State.